A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

[dev diary added 6/21/21 - originally this was accessible by downloading from the vextro 2020 jam bundle, but i wanted other folks to be able to read it too]

a short narrative game for the vextro fall 2020 game jam

CNs// (familial) abuse, transmisia, & mentions of death (let me know if i need to add to this list)

arrow keys: walk

z/space/return: interact

esc: menu

hold shift to increase walking speed

thank you to my partner for playtesting this game <3

song credit: 

Monplaisir - "Estampe Galactus Barbare Epaul Giraffe Ennui"

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Made withKrita, RPG Maker
Tags2D, artgame, Atmospheric, Experimental, Narrative, RPG Maker


dandelions dev diary.pdf 2 MB
dandelions linux v1.1.zip 193 MB
dandelions mac v1.1.zip 315 MB
dandelions win v1.1.zip 184 MB

Install instructions

download the zip, extract the files, and click on the file named "Game"


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Man, this was such an insightful and visually interesting game. I love the blur of themes that were present and how they were handled, and I love how slow yet impactful everything was. The use of the mushroom and what it symbolizes really touched me and while I don't have all of the issues present, I related so deeply to the anxiety and helplessness present within the narrative. I feel so glad that you guys were able to complete this and have thoroughly enjoyed the different messages and visuals that were shown here, your hard work really paid off in making this a unique and interesting rpg!


this was incredibly moving

thank you

idk why but i keep having this loading error of a png :/
ive only played 6 minutes of the game so far and it's not bad! (though i would like to play the entire game properly

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this built a really powerful symbolic + visual language in such a small space-- loved how it stayed rooted in the personal/intimate even dealing w some hefty themes, there's a really effective focus on moment-to-moment experience (both for characters and for player). had no clue what to expect but this is beautiful stuff.


This pretty much dealt with every feeling I have been feeling now and for a a while this game did alot for me thank you for putting it out this was an amazing game thanks for letting us experience it.


This is the kind of game that really spoke to me. It touched on difficult, complex themes in an engaging way with its mixed media format. I found one of the characters in particular to be incredibly relatable. When I played this game, it was exactly what I needed that night to make sense of things. 

For me, it crashed upon launch every time (downloaded from the app)




this is my favorite game of all times, which is not much because i'm still young and stuff, but considering that i don't always control how much time i have left, i must thank you.


thank you so much for making this. absolutely beautiful. 


beautiful little game :)


How can I save and load in this game? Do I have to go through the whole story everytime?


the escape button opens a menu with an option to save your game. I don't think you can save during dialogues though

i want to play this but for some reason it isn't working on my mac - it keeps ending unexpectedly :/


thank you for making this


A fascinating mixed-media narrative game. The constant shifts between scenes, and interaction help keep the experience more varied than many visual novels. This has the feeling of playing through a zine, or someones chapbook. There was obviously a lot of care and attention put into it. I feel bad criticizing a free game that obviously I get to enjoy for zero dollars off of someones hard work, but I did have some difficulty figuring out what is and isn't interactable. Not sure if I finished the story or not as I got kind of stuck. Anyway I still really enjoyed this a lot!


thank you for this comment, i'm glad you enjoyed it! yeah it's not always clear what is or isn't interactable.

there is a definite ending, if you're still interested in seeing it (probably closed the game already lol but maybe this'll be helpful to someone else). i'm not sure where you got stuck, but if it's in the "bedroom" area you're basically there. there's an opening in the north wall (it's supposed to be like a big sliding door that's ajar on the right side, but i think the visual cue is too subtle or the opening is too narrow, or the event is finicky or something). a couple ppl got stuck there and i just never found the time to edit and reupload it.
anyway, thanks again, and have a good one.


Wow thank you so much! I closed the game but I was actually planning on finishing it when I got home from work. I am at the bedroom area, I just assumed I wasn't hunting enough... I'm totally going to try and definitively finish it later today!



gosh i love mushrooms. this is wonderful


love all the different ways of seeing and being. the formal attention to detail w/ the different ppl's syntax to convey things and placement of text boxes and different walking speeds in different places—this w/ the art dispensed emotional weight. stunning and heartfelt!


this game is really good. it connects a lot of different themes together that i've been thinking about a lot, about abuse and how it affects relationships with other people and communities and growing from that. but there's a lot more in the game. it's overflowing and resists a simple reading or answer

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Thanks for making this. I felt a lot of different things while playing.

After thinking about it while falling asleep I noticed the meaning of the long mushroom talk. 

People are like the mushrooms, connected via an invisible net that makes us interact with each other. Just like that mushroom network humans can break down the toxins of the system we live in by interacting with each other. Even if just in the little range of our personal sphere of friends and family, not fixing the bigger systems, but even that little healing is worth doing to each other.


This was a very good experience. I really loved the way it unfolds and all the disparate aesthetic pieces blend together, moving between narrative and meditation really naturally. Ty for sharing :)


Really wonderful game. Grateful to have been able to play it.


deals with some difficult themes in an amazingly graceful and thoughtful way; and of course, i love its presentation that mixes the real with the imaginary. honestly, it’s the kind of game i aspire to being able to make


lotus game!! I loved this. What a treasure, thank you


A beautiful experience, I loved every second of it. By the end, every new screen felt like a revelation.


This was really really touching and resonant. Thanks a whole lot for making and sharing this.